Update on Campers, Yachts and Accommodation

Finally we are able to provide the lowest cost facilities during the worlds here in Marstrand.

We have been able to negotiate three alternatives to the existing ones.
1) Motorhome parking. We have now 20 spots for motorhomes 800m away from the boat parking area. 2500SEK for the complete stay

2) Do you want to live in your boat during the event? Then we have arranged 15 spots in the harbour. 1500SEK for the complete stay is negotiated with the harbourmaster. 300m walk to the dinghy parking, but on the island so you have to take the ferry. The ferry is a 2 minutes ride and it goes every 15 minutes 24/7
3) Living in the Marstrand school during the event. We have booked areas in the school during the event. 600SEK for the complete stay. You have to bring your own sleeping bag and sleeping pad. Toilets and showers are available. 500m walk to the dinghy parking. Also on the island, so you have to take the ferry.
Please book any of these by an e-mail to kontakta@marstrandsss.se and we will register you for this.